In Australia again

After returning to the UK from Australia four and a half years ago (May 2015), I now find myself there once again! I do seem to like countries like Canada and Australia quite a lot, having been to Canada three times now (although only for two weeks each time).

I’m currently staying in a suburb of Brisbane at Chloe’s parents house. Ginger Mark and Karinya also live in Brisbane so we’re planning to meet up on Saturday. I might be wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen them since the summer of 2018 – time goes too quickly.

I got here just over a week ago, I was pretty jet lagged for the first three/four days. We’ve been chilling most of this week, but we went to a nice stretch of nearby coastland for a walk on Sunday and then went to a pub and had fish and chips 🙂 And on Wednesday me and Chloe went to the CBD (Central Business District aka the city centre) I bought some new trainers and gym clothes, and we went to a restaurant and had dumplings.

With all of the free time I currently have, I’m planning to do some Microsoft and CompTIA courses.

Cheap flight to Marseilles

A few weeks ago I noticed that Ryanair had a sale on. It was the usual headline grabbing, low prices but when you drilled down a bit you unearthed a mixed bag of weird dates and flight times. However I stumbled on some cheap flights to Marseilles, £25 return leaving on Friday and return on Monday. Ibis (budget hotel chain) also had an offer on and parking at Stansted was affordable so Lea and I decided so go away for another mini break. When we split the costs of the flights, parking at Stansted and three nights in a hotel, it only came to £88 each so a bargin.

Here are some pics (Flickr gallery)
Marseille 2017

We weren’t overly impressed with Marseilles itself but it was still a nice weekend away and we managed to get a few decent pictures.


Canada 2016

Time for another embedded widget, from when the Mitchell family drove from Vancouver to Calgary in an RV back in September.

Scotland – Christmas 2016

Ah time to test how well the embedded galley widget works…

Pretty well!

So Lea and I went to Edinburgh for two night and then to Glasgow for another two nights. As well as browsing around each respective city – both looked pretty with lots of Christmas lights  and Edinburgh had a pretty decent Christmas fair.

We went for a nice walk to Arthur’s seat Edinburgh.

Visited Museum on the Mound Edinburgh

Watched Passenger at Edinburgh Vue Cinema

Had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh

Visited Tullibardine distillery and had a private tour

Visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum Glasgow

Visited Riverside Museum Glasgow

Had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow

Now that I’ve listed everything, we actually did quite a lot.

Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing anything but I though I would check up on the ye’old blog.

There was a pretty big update available for WordPress I went from 4.4 to 4.7 and there seems to be some nice improvements, don’t bother asking me to list them as I’m sure you know how to use google 🙂

…Updated the plug-ins, and naturally it was time to install and apply a new theme. I quite like this one, although the image is the default one and this theme is the default theme that gets bundled with WP4.7 so it’s probably all over the internet. I’ll replace the image with something else when I can be bothered.

Oh year, I was using my personal OneDrive to host a lot of pictures that I’ve linked to in this blog but M$ nuked a ton of my free OneDrive storage so now my preferred method for non work related stuff is as I somehow managed to get a coupon code for 50GB of free storage a couple of years ago that still seem to be working. I do also have a OneDrive for business account which I think has either 50GB or 500GB of free storage but I tend to not use that for holiday snaps.

Some motorcycle grinding

I’ve been meaning to write a post for ages but kept getting distracted by other stuff. I’ve looked at the date stamp on these picturesand they’re from the 6th of September!

The pictures have pasted in the wrong order, so maybe scroll to the bottom and then work your way back up again! I got the grinder from Argos for £15. I cut the seat foam down a lot but I’m not happy with it, so I’m going to have another go at cutting it down next time I get it out of my shed.

WP_20150906_023 (Medium) WP_20150906_022 (Medium) WP_20150906_020 (Medium) WP_20150906_018 (Medium) WP_20150906_017 (Medium) WP_20150906_016 (Medium) WP_20150906_015 (Medium) WP_20150906_014 (Medium) WP_20150906_013 (Medium) WP_20150906_012 (Medium) WP_20150906_011 (Medium) WP_20150906_010 (Medium) WP_20150906_009 (Medium) WP_20150906_007 (Medium) WP_20150906_005 (Medium) WP_20150906_004 (Medium) WP_20150906_003 (Medium) WP_20150906_002 (Medium)


London to Paris Cycle Ride

Next week Jonny, Lea and I will be cycling from London to Paris, over three days (24th – 26th) and travelling back via TGV (high speed train) from Paris to Calais, Ferry to Dover and car back up to Cambridge on Sunday the 27th ready for work again on Monday. We’ll be loosely following the la avenue verte cycle route, which is pretty much the shortest (overland) route between the two cities.

We will all be heading down to London on Wednesday although I’m working that day so I’ll meet up with them in the evening. The plan will be to get the train to London Liverpool Street station as you can get a single, off peak, advanced booked ticket for as little as £6 from Cambridge station via the which is what Jonny and Lea are planning to get  (mid-morning). I’ll be getting the train at a busier time of the day so I’ll have to pay a premium and shell out £9.

We’re staying in an Ibis at Hunslow. An Ibis because they have rooms that sleep three adults (as opposed to two adults and children) and near Heathrow airport because it’s cheaper than other hotels closer to the city centre and in vaguely the correct direction for the following days cycle to Newhaven. The hotel is about 14 miles from Livepool Street station so we’ll cycle that too (which just for my own information should take that days cycle mileage to over 25 miles)


Thursday 24th Hunslow to Newhaven – This is just a route that Google Maps gave me, we may not necessarily follow any of the screenshots that I’ve dumped on here. We need to get to the ferry terminal ideally by 16:30 as our ferry departs at 17:30. Then its four hours on the ferry plus an additional hour for the local time in France and we should arrive in Dieppe for 22:30 and we’ve got some random budget hotel booked in Dieppe that’s not too far from the terminal.


Friday 25th Dieppe to Gisors – Staying overnight in a random small house in Gisors that I managed to book via


Saturday 26th Gisors to Paris – Nice short ride to Paris will give us most of the day to explore and relax, we have another Ibis booked…


Promotion picture below. From left to right – Lea, Me and Jonny…

DSC_0939b (Medium)

Of you would like to donate:

Pictures and possibly even short video clips will be taken during the adventure…

Broccoli and Cheese Muffins

These are really good and only take 15 minutes to make and 20 – 30 minutes to cook.

Stuff you will need/should already own


Saucepan (and steamer if you have one)

Cheese grater

Mixing bowl and large spoon

Muffin tray (that makes 12 muffins)



The following ingredients will make twelve large muffins

1x Head of broccoli

1x Large egg or two medium/small eggs

250G Plain flour

150g Grated Cheese

200ml Milk

Olive oil (or any other vegatable oil)

Butter (or margarine)

Baking powder


The first thing you’re going to wanna do is get the broccoli cooking so fill up a kettle with cold water and turn it on. While the kettles boiling the watter, chop up your head of broccoli and put it into your steamer, pour the boiling water into a soucepan and start steaming. If you don’t have a steamer just boil the shit out of the broccoli. Leave the broccoli cooking for 5 – 10 minutes. We need it to be soft enough so that we can mash it with a fork.

While the broccoli is cooking put the flour, egg/s, grated cheese, milk, three heaped teaspoons of baking powder and a glug of olive oil (equal to three tablespoons) into your mixing bowl and give it a token stir.

Lube up your muffin tray with butter (or margarine) this will help to stop your muffins sticking to the tray once they’re cooked so be pretty generous otherwise this whole endeavor will be a complete fail. Turn the oven onto gas mark five aka 180c (to start pre heating).

Mixing your ingredients and lubing up your tray shouldn’t have taken more than 5 – 10mins. So now your ready to take your broccoli off the hob (drain it of you boiled it) and put it in/on a seporate bowl/plate/chopping board/work surface and mash it up with a fork. Then add it to the batter already in your mixing bowl and give it a good mix, add some pepper if you’re feeling adventours.

Spoon the batter onto your muffic tray and bung it onto the top shelve of your oven. After 10 – 15 minutes of cooking rotate the tray by 180 degrees to ensure the muffins are evenly cooked. After 20 – 30 minutes, once the top of you muffins are nice and brown then take them out and let them cool. Easy!

WP_20150902_001 WP_20150902_003 WP_20150902_005 WP_20150902_006 WP_20150902_009 WP_20150902_010 WP_20150902_014 WP_20150902_015 WP_20150903_002