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So I finally got round to setting up a new WordPress site after 000webhosts randomly deleted my old one without warning. I toyed with the idea of creating a home server now that I’ve got superfast broadband at home but then decided against going down that route, mainly because I don’t have a home server yet, probably won’t get one for a while and when I do have one it’ll probably take me ages to setup a VM that can run WordPress (and configure port forwaring, Dynamic DNS, etc). So I though, lets stick with what you know and sign up for some crappy free space with another website provider.

So this time we’re going with FreeHostia – they seem to appear in a lot of the Top 10 lists when you Google free website hosting. Alongside 000webhosts and others, although not all of them support WordPress so that helpfully reduces the amount of choice. I think the reason that 000webhosts appear in so many Top 10 lists is because they offer you so much free space (1.5GB) and two SQL DB’s etc, where as FreeHostia only offer 250MB of free space and one SQL DB which should be more than enough for me (I like of running a lean web site). And maybe the fact that they offer you less means that they do a better job with what they do give you…and don’t delete your website without warning.

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