Maiden Voyage

Over the weekend I got the bike taxed and insured, it was exceedingly cheap. Tax was £17 per year and I got insurance via Quidco/Bennetts at a cost of £71.75 – £25 cash back that Quidco should pay me at some point in the future (so £46.75 assuming I receive cashback). I also bought a £30 helmet from Halfords on Sunday. It gets a four star SHARP (safety rating) which is excellent value for money at this price as most cheap helmets only get three stars.

I took the bike out for a burn last night, and it drives really well and sounds good (super easy to drive). However the speedo and rev counter are wildly inaccurate. The speedo was reporting 75 – 80mph when my gps was only reporting 60ish. I maxed the bike out at 62mph according to gps, which assuming the speedo had been working should have read 65mph (as speedo’s always seem to read 5% higher than the actual speed). I’m hopeing that once I’ve completed the weight reduction and given it a service (and possibly changed the the sprocket/gear ratio) that I’ll be able to get 70+ out of it, just in case I ever do go on a dual carriageway it would be nice to be able to keep in front of the lorries. I’m hoping to swap out the speedo and rev counter dials to just a single dial with the speed and warning lights on it in the future so hopefully I’ll be able to resolve the issue with the speedo reading the wrong speed at the same time.

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  1. Yeah, they’re soo cheap – well as far as 125’s go anyway. And you can do so much to them, I’ve got a replacement battery waiting to be installed. I’m hoping to do that tonight (will post some pictures) and then next on the list will be frame and seat cutting! Followed by new indicators and tail light (which will cost next to nothing).

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