New Battery

I didn’t get to spend as much time tinkering with the bike this weekend as I wanted. I was going to spend a good few hours on Saturday working on it but in the end I spent Saturday morning helping my parents choose new mobile phone, they got a couple of Nokia 225’s from CPW for £20 each. After I had finished helping mum and dad I took the bike for a ride to Wicken and back, I though I better take it for a decent ride before I started taking it apart and leaving it in an unrideable state for a couple of weeks.

So in the end I spent around a hour taking the battery out of the bike, removing the seat leather, rear mud guard, tail light, and indicators.




New battery in front, just got to figure out how to mount it under the seat (hidden away)

WP_20150822_005 WP_20150822_007 WP_20150822_008 WP_20150822_009 WP_20150822_010

I think, ideally it could do with a smaller fuel tank but they can be quite expensive so I’ll leave it standard for the time being and maybe think about replacing it once the build has finished.

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