London to Paris Cycle Ride

Next week Jonny, Lea and I will be cycling from London to Paris, over three days (24th – 26th) and travelling back via TGV (high speed train) from Paris to Calais, Ferry to Dover and car back up to Cambridge on Sunday the 27th ready for work again on Monday. We’ll be loosely following the la avenue verte cycle route, which is pretty much the shortest (overland) route between the two cities.

We will all be heading down to London on Wednesday although I’m working that day so I’ll meet up with them in the evening. The plan will be to get the train to London Liverpool Street station as you can get a single, off peak, advanced booked ticket for as little as £6 from Cambridge station via the which is what Jonny and Lea are planning to get  (mid-morning). I’ll be getting the train at a busier time of the day so I’ll have to pay a premium and shell out £9.

We’re staying in an Ibis at Hunslow. An Ibis because they have rooms that sleep three adults (as opposed to two adults and children) and near Heathrow airport because it’s cheaper than other hotels closer to the city centre and in vaguely the correct direction for the following days cycle to Newhaven. The hotel is about 14 miles from Livepool Street station so we’ll cycle that too (which just for my own information should take that days cycle mileage to over 25 miles)


Thursday 24th Hunslow to Newhaven – This is just a route that Google Maps gave me, we may not necessarily follow any of the screenshots that I’ve dumped on here. We need to get to the ferry terminal ideally by 16:30 as our ferry departs at 17:30. Then its four hours on the ferry plus an additional hour for the local time in France and we should arrive in Dieppe for 22:30 and we’ve got some random budget hotel booked in Dieppe that’s not too far from the terminal.


Friday 25th Dieppe to Gisors – Staying overnight in a random small house in Gisors that I managed to book via


Saturday 26th Gisors to Paris – Nice short ride to Paris will give us most of the day to explore and relax, we have another Ibis booked…


Promotion picture below. From left to right – Lea, Me and Jonny…

DSC_0939b (Medium)

Of you would like to donate:

Pictures and possibly even short video clips will be taken during the adventure…

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  1. Hope the weather’s good for you and that you’re not too tired to enjoy visiting the places you stop over in. Though it sounds like you’ve all been training well, so you should be fine. I like the last picture where Lea’s looking relaxed, Jonny’s looking purposeful and you’re mugging for the camera!

  2. Looking forward to the pics and possible videos!

    Sorry I was a bit slow but just stuck a donation in for you guys. 🙂

    Best of luck dude!

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