In Australia again

After returning to the UK from Australia four and a half years ago (May 2015), I now find myself there once again! I do seem to like countries like Canada and Australia quite a lot, having been to Canada three times now (although only for two weeks each time).

I’m currently staying in a suburb of Brisbane at Chloe’s parents house. Ginger Mark and Karinya also live in Brisbane so we’re planning to meet up on Saturday. I might be wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen them since the summer of 2018 – time goes too quickly.

I got here just over a week ago, I was pretty jet lagged for the first three/four days. We’ve been chilling most of this week, but we went to a nice stretch of nearby coastland for a walk on Sunday and then went to a pub and had fish and chips 🙂 And on Wednesday me and Chloe went to the CBD (Central Business District aka the city centre) I bought some new trainers and gym clothes, and we went to a restaurant and had dumplings.

With all of the free time I currently have, I’m planning to do some Microsoft and CompTIA courses.

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